Domaines Delon
Château Léoville Las Cases
Château Potensac

Delon Wine Estates Philosophy

All the wine-producing estates of the Delon family, regardless of their varying levels of notoriety,
are devoted to the same philosophy.

Wines representative of their Terroir
Consequently, the Clos du Marquis is a perfect expression of the Saint-Julien features based on structure, harmony, distinction, complexity and ageing potential. In fact, its terroir is surrounded by several Second Classified Growths of the Appellation. The same applies for the Château Potensac, a wine of steady colour, dense and consistent texture with a strict yet noble nose combining mellowness and balance, an authentic reflection of the Médoc style, quite similar to that of Saint-Estèphe. Nénin off ers the richness and elegance of great Pomerol wines destined for ageing.

The wines are made to be consumed during meals.
They can be shared and enjoyed with family or friends. The wines are produced in such a way that they preserve their fresh ripe fruit fl avours throughout their life. Special attention is paid to the balance of acidity, a key element for ageing and the thirst-quenching role of the wine. The empyreumatic aromas given by maturation in new oak barrels must not dominate the grape aromas, but should blend together to offer a refined nose.

They must have good ageing potential and be able to improve with age.
Precise ripening level of the grapes, balance in the blend and adapted maturation according to the wine's potential, all contribute in obtaining the oenological features which play a part in the wine's ageing capacity. A wine with ageing potential, if composed harmoniously, will overcome with ease certain inconveniences encountered during transport and conservation, which can lead to premature ageing.

A continual and incontestable search for excellence
For each vintage and terroir, the capricious sides of nature need to be understood in order to provide healthy and ripe grapes at harvesting, which are then vinifi ed and blended to make fine or great wines.

Not only is the soil worked traditionally using the age-old knowledge of the terroir but also our integrated agricultural methods show true respect of the surrounding environment. Carefully selecting grafts from our own best plants, mastering the plants' vigour, limiting the number of treatments and introducing hedgerows to encourage biodiversity are all decisions that contribute to our goal: bringing out the best in each terroir for each vintage off ered by Mother Nature. After strict selection, only the most representative batches of each product are chosen for the final blend. The Delon family and its team ensure that the wines are as consistent as possible, by a first blend before barrelling and by re-blending them after ageing. The Delon family considers that each bottle of each wine produced is an ambassador for all consumers who taste them.