Domaines Delon
Château Nénin

A Great Pomerol Terroir

Château Nénin's vineyards grow on a single block of land with the exception of one plot. Nevertheless, the Grand Vin is only produced on the best parcels, 8 hectares of the largest clay and gravel terroirs located on the Pomerol plateau. The adjoining plots, below, are devoted to the production of the second wine, Fugue de Nénin. As a consequence, its terroir includes the many, diverse soils that characterize Pomerol. It is mainly made up of Oligocene deposits covered by Dordogne alluvial gravelly formations; siliceous clay and gravel, quartz, granite, iron-deposits and basalt pebbles. Château Nénin's vineyards grow on the great clay-gravel terroirs of the Pomerol Plateau.